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The CLF is being used in lots of different ways by individuals and organisations across the social services sector.

On this page you will find a range of examples to help you learn more about how the CLF could be used. If you are using the CLF and would be willing to share your experience with others we would love to hear from you. Contact the project team on:

Clackmannanshire – aligning CLF with Competency Review Systems

The difficulty of aligning the Continuous Learning Framework with pre-existing corporate competency systems has up to now been seen as one of the major hurdles to a more widespread uptake of the CLF. Linda Paterson describes the reasons for matching the CLF with Clackmannanshire’s Performance Review and Development system. She outlines the advantages and the surprising flexibilities of this approach.

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Gowrie Care – values based recruitment

Max Gallagher describes in detail the thinking and processes that were involved in changing a Person Specification towards one that looks to draw out from the applicant the values that they have. They used a chosen selection of capabilities from the Continuous Learning Framework and the organisation’s values to put a filtering process that involved the actual recruiters. They are working to enable a recruitment process that has a much greater chance of recruiting the right kind of worker.

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Scottish Borders and Midlothian Councils

Marianne Hughes job-shares the Practice Learning and Development Manager post at Scottish Borders and Midlothian Councils. She has supported social work students for many years, particularly during their periods of practice learning. When the Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) was introduced, she thought of a way in which it might support social work students to prepare for their practice learning.

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