SSSC Organisational Capabilities Audit Tool

Watch our animation which explains how organisations can use the Continuous Learning Framework to support lifelong learning for their workforce.

How does your organisation create the culture and conditions in the workplace that enable social service workers to learn, develop and improve their practice throughout their careers? The CLF Audit tool will help you assess your organisation’s performance against the organisational capabilities of the Continuous Learning Framework, and create an action plan for further development.

The Audit tool, developed by the SSSC, is now available in two formats:

  • An interactive version which you can download and view using Adobe Air
  • A PDF version which you can download and complete using Adobe reader

The audit involves both self assessment against the organisational capabilities, and a survey to gain insight into how employees feel they are being supported.

If you’d like any help or advice about carrying out a CLF audit, please contact the CLF team.