The SSSC is committed to evaluating the take up and use of the Continuous Learning Framework and its impact on practice and on outcomes for people who use services and their carers.

The SSSC already gathers and analyses information from the enquiries we receive about the CLF on the uptake of the framework, in what context it is being used and which sectors of the workforce are finding it most useful.

We are also committed to undertaking a formal evaluation and in the summer of 2009 commissioned a scoping exercise and you can download a Summary report of the project to scope the evaluation of the CLF.

As a result of the recommendations of the scoping exercise we are taking forward the formal evaluation of the CLF in two key ways:

  1. An annual survey of the awareness, take up and use of the CLF among social services employers.  To view the latest report please click here.
  2. Case study research with six social services employers who are using the CLF over the period April 2010 to March 2012 and supported self-evaluation by a larger number of organisations using the CLF and opting into the self evaluation process over the same time period.  This will be undertaken by PERform Consulting & Development.  To view their interim report please click here

In this section of the website you can keep up to date with the progress of the evaluation. If you are using the CLF we encourage you to undertake your own self-evaluation of its impact and we can support you to do this. We suggest you have a look at the guidance on self-evaluation and look out for events in your area. You can also get in touch with us by using the enquiry form.