Professional Development Groups

We established six regional support groups called Gathering Groups; these have more recently been replaced with Professional Development Groups.

The aim of the groups is to provide people with the time, space and opportunity in their locality to come together to find out more about different learning activities.  They are also helpful to network with peers and reflect on how they can use this learning themselves and within their own service areas.  Anyone is welcome to join the professional development group discussions.  The theme for the sessions will be decided by participants and the SSSC will provide a structure for the discussion and facilitate the sessions.


Here is what one member of the Tayforth Gathering Group said about it:

“When I first started looking at the CLF it was like walking into a minefield – so many possibilities but no idea which direction to take it in. The group meetings have helped to map out different ways that others are using the CLF as well as an opportunity to discuss my own ideas. With something so new this has been an opportunity to learn of other’s successes and the pitfalls they have encountered”. Diane, Learning and Development Adviser, Fife Council.