Using the CLF in practice

The CLF is for everyone working in social services in Scotland. It is not a mandatory framework – individuals and organisations delivering social services don’t have to use it and this means it can be used in lots of different ways. The CLF has been developed as a tool to support individuals and organisations to learn and develop in ways which are most appropriate to their own context. They are not expected to replace what they have done with the CLF, but rather, use the framework to support what they are already doing or planning to do and help them add value to this.

It can be hard at first to see how something new could work for you and your organisation. This page offers you the opportunity to look at some practice examples. You can read stories of how the CLF is being used across the social services sector within large, small and medium-sized organisations.

Read more about how the CLF can help social service workers and their employers.

Find out how the CLF is being used in practice, with examples from individuals and organisations.