What’s in the CLF for social service workers and employers?

What are the benefits of the CLF for social service workers?

  • Supports induction and the recognition of your prior informal learning from experience.
  • Helps you identify and make informed decisions about your ongoing learning and development.
  • Supports you to engage meaningfully with and gain the most from supervision, performance appraisal and personal development planning.
  • Supports informed planning for career pathways and progression.
  • Promotes learning as both formal and informal learning.
  • Helps you provide evidence of the impact your learning has had on your practice, eg for SVQ, Post Registration Training and Learning etc.
  • Helps you to recognise and gain recognition for your progress and achievements and identify areas where you can further improve your practice.
  • Promotes clarity about how you can expect your employer to support your learning.
  • Promotes the shared responsibility of both the individual and their employer in maximising the impacts of learning.
  • Raises the status of the profession (in the broadest terms) by making explicit the complexity of what is needed for good practice.
  • Helps you to meet your responsibilities set out in the Code of Practice for Social Service Workers.

What are the benefits of the CLF for employers?

  • Helps you to systematically and fairly identify and meet the learning needs of all employees.
  • Provides a framework for induction, supervision, life-long learning, performance appraisal and managing underperformance.
  • Helps you prepare workers for undertaking qualifications required for registration with the SSSC.
  • Supports you to increase the capability and performance of your workforce.
  • Can support recruitment, retention and succession planning.
  • Provides a tool for demonstrating the impact of learning and development initiatives on practice.
  • Supports the involvement of people who use services and their carers in the planning and delivery of personalised services, the development of staff and the continuous improvement of the service.
  • Evidence collected through the use of the CLF can support self-evaluation, continuous improvement and provide evidence of improvement for external scrutiny, eg Care Inspectorate Quality themes and statements.
  • Enables more strategic decision-making into effective and efficient learning and development initiatives within and across organisations.
  • Promotes and supports the building of learning organisations.
  • Helps you to meet your responsibilities set out in the Code of Practice for Employers of Social Service Workers.