About the Continuous Learning Framework (CLF)

The Continuous Learning Framework (CLF) was published in December 2008. It was developed by the Scottish Social Services Council in partnership with the Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services as one of the recommendations made by ‘Changing Lives: the Report of the 21st Century Social Work Review Group’, Scottish Government (2006).

The CLF aims to improve outcomes for people using social services by supporting the workforce to help them be the best they can. It sets out the shared commitment needed from social service workers and their employers to lifelong learning and continuous improvement.

The CLF is for everyone working in social services in Scotland. Whether you work in social care, social work, early years and childcare, housing support, an integrated service or education, training and development, no matter if you are employed in the public, private or voluntary sector, the CLF is for you!

The CLF is not mandatory – social service workers and their employers do not have to use it. This means it can be used in lots of different ways – big and small. It also means that you can use it however it best meets your needs in your own context. Indeed the CLF has been designed as a tool to support what individuals and organisations are already doing or planning to do and help them add value to this.

We are working closely with stakeholders across the social services sector to:

  • make sure that social service workers and their employers have the information they need to decide how they could best use the CLF in practice
  • maintain this website which includes information about the framework itself, the support available to embed it and examples of how it is being used in practice
  • provide links to tools and resources to support the use of the CLF in practice
  • set up support networks for individuals and organisations who are using the CLF
  • continue to engage with people who use services and their carers, practitioners, senior managers, national organisations etc to raise awareness of the CLF and its impact
  • make links between the CLF and other initiatives in the social service sector
  • continuously review the strategy for embedding the CLF and improve it
  • evaluate the uptake and impact of the CLF.